Thursday, June 20, 2013

Genealogy By the States – Week 24 – Missouri


I really don’t do much research in the state of Missouri, although I wish I had more relatives to research because records are pretty accessible.  In preparation of this post, I checked my database to see what families were associated with Missouri, and as I suspected, not many.  However, I did find the family of my husband’s great-grandaunt, Sarah Frances (Orendorff) Jonagan, who moved from Fulton County, Illinois, to Gentry County, Missouri, sometime between 1870 and 1880.

I knew there were actual vital records online, but I didn’t know exactly what, where, or the time periods of coverage.  It appeared from my research that I had previously exhausted everything on Ancestry, finding a few birth and marriage records.  But where were the death records…I could have sworn they were online somewhere. 

So off to my Diigo bookmarks for Missouri I went.  I spotted a resource I had added back in 2010, Missouri Digital Heritage, and by the description I had added, I was pretty certain I would find the death records.  And there they were, Missouri Death Certificates!  Digital images of Missouri death certificates are currently available for 1910 to 1962.

A surname-only search produced a handful of death certificates related to the family.  I love when records are online and accessible!  Makes my research so much easier!!

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Nell said...

You are ao right! My paternal line hails from Missouri, primarily. Their records are so accessible, esp. death certificates. I've gotten tons of records fro my Missouri ancestors.

John said...

Missouri Digital Heritage has a lot more than the death certificates.

Here's all the resources they have categorized under the topic of 'genealogy':


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