Saturday, November 19, 2011

Winner! RootsTech 2012 Registration

I am very pleased to announce Doug Williams as the winner of the RootsTech 2012 free registration giveaway that was hosted here on GenBlog.  I asked entrants to answer the following question:  Besides access to records online, what one tech-thing has helped you the most with your genealogy research and how has it helped you?

There were some great responses and I even learned a few things that sparked some of my own ideas.  I will share a few of the responses within the next few days.  But here is Doug’s answer:

My Motorola Xoom is my favorite new research tool. I use it when I go to a repository instead of lugging along my heavy older 17" laptop computer. The Xoom is great for taking pictures of book pages, microfilm reader screens, and spines of multi-volume books on the shelf. I use the wireless connection to access Google Docs where I transcribe information and access research logs. I'm transcribing the church records of a German Lutheran congregation in Western New York where 4 generations of my family attended, and when I'm having trouble reading the German script and the handwriting I use the camera to zoom in and help decipher the information. I shoot the pic, zoom in, and when I'm done with the problem text I simply delete the photo.   The next app I need to download is Families so I can bring along my Legacy Family Tree! 

I have not investigated tablets in a long time (since they first came out and the company I worked for was evaluating them).  But after reading Doug’s response, I think I’m going to explore them again.

Congratulations, Doug!!  Look forward to seeing you in SLC in February!

Don’t forget, you can still register for RootsTech 2012, and if you register by November 30, 2011, you’ll save $60 on the full-conference registration fee, so don’t delay…head over and register now!!


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