Monday, November 21, 2011

Flip-Pal™ Simple Gifts Blog Hop – Family Tree Photo Collage

A few years ago, my husband got me a really neat Christmas gift, a family tree figurine with little hanging frames for family photos and a place to have it engraved.  As a budding genealogist at the time, this was certainly a thoughtful gift.  But, and I hate to admit this, I never actually replaced the photos with my own family photos, until the other day.

It’s not that I didn’t have the desire or the tools to do it, life just got in the way.  What’s funny is that because I had to find to simple gifts for this blog hop, I committed myself to getting the family tree filled with MY family photos once and for all…and it didn’t take very much of my time to do it, so why it took me nearly two years to get around to it, I’ll never know.

While this was really a gift for me, it’s certainly something you could do for your relatives.  There are many variations of the family tree photo collage and many are relatively inexpensive.  Then all you need to do is scan some photos, use photo-editing software to resize the photos to fit the frame sizes, print them out on photo paper, cut them out, and place them in the frames.  In just a few hours, you’ll have a nice, customized gift for your loved ones.

Here are a few more examples from Amazon and a link to the one my husband got me from Things Remembered.


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