Friday, January 2, 2009

Visiting Aunt Flo

In an earlier post, I mentioned that I was going to visit my grandaunt, Flo around the holidays.  I also posted images that I was going to frame and give to her.  She absolutely loved them (I made her cry, happy tears of course).

It was a great visit.  It had been almost 20 years since I had seen her and my cousin, Inga.  It was also an emotional visit, as we talked a lot about my dad and my cousin, Bob (Flo's son).  Dad died in 1989, so it's  a little easier to hear stories.  Bob, however, died in 2007 so it was a lot harder to swallow the stories.

I shared with Flo and Inga pictures of me and Bob at my wedding in 2003 and some from a vacation to Bob's in 2000.  We laughed, we bawled.

We also went through my remaining stack of unknown photos.  She was able to identify all but four (can you guess what photos will appear for this month's Smile for the Camera carnival?).  She came across a photo of "Nanny Hannigan," who was like a second grandmother to her.  I let her keep that one.

I had printed off two descendant charts for her.  She was kind enough to start filling in the blanks.  She's going to continue to provide information.  And once she gets her Christmas decorations down and put away, she's going to start scanning in the three boxes of photos she has.  I, in return, will finish my scanning project and put it all on CD for her, along with a full genealogy report (run from Legacy).  There was no ways I could print that 300+ page report and bring it with me!

Flo just turned 79, and it's amazing all the things she remembers!  I look forward to filling in more blanks with her.

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