Sunday, January 11, 2009

Family Events - Week of January 11 to January 17

Noah WEBSTER & Mercy STEELE - Noah is my second cousin nine times removed.  He and Mercy were married on 12 January 1749 in Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut.* Noah and Mercy are the parents of the infamous Noah WEBSTER, LL.D. 

Chauncey Carlisle WARREN & Mary Elizabeth FRANKLIN - Chauncey is my second cousin five times removed.  He and Mary married on 14 January 1863 in Vermont.*

Julius DeFAUW - Julius is my second cousin once removed, who died on 15 January 2005 in Moline, Rock Island, Illinois.  To my knowledge, I never had the pleasure to meet him.

*Based on information from several compiled source, of which I have not personally verified at this time.

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