Thursday, May 30, 2013

Genealogy By the States – Week 21 – Illinois


Between me and my husband, there are many relatives associated with many places Illinois. 


My mind was spiraling out of control with the many things I could write about for this post. Ultimately I decided to share my growing list of online resources.

I’ve shared in the past that I use a bookmarking site called Diigo to manage all of my genealogy bookmarks (you can read more here and you can also check out the guide I developed here).  The Illinois Genealogy list is my largest locality-specific list.  It contains all sorts of resources that I use all the time in my own research.  Maybe some of them will help you too!  Be sure to check back often or follow the RSS feed as I am always adding to it.

Genealogy By the States is a theme created by Jim Sanders over at the Hidden Genealogy Nuggets blog.


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