Saturday, December 22, 2012

My Top & Favorite Posts of 2012

ribbonLast year, as part of my 2011 Achievements post, I shared a list of my most popular 2011 posts.  I thought I’d do something similar this year.  So here’s a list of my top five posts and my personal favorites.

Top 5 Posts

These were the top five most visited posts since January 1, 2012.  All were written in 2012, except the first one, which was written in 2010 and is the #1 most visited of all-time.

  1. Army Dog Tags: A Story & My Discovery
  2. Using the Kindle Fire for Genealogy – Ancestry
  3. Using the Kindle Fire for Genealogy – Families
  4. Resources for Genealogy Research in Colonial America
  5. Using the Kindle Fire for Genealogy – Evernote

My Faves

These are ten of my favorite posts that I wrote in 2012 (in date order).

  1. Peculiar, With a Side of “Huh?”
  2. Hulda (Wach) Müller Severing
  3. Fearless Females – A Lunch Date
  4. The Golden Girls in 1940
  5. Take 2 – My Revolutionary War Patriots
  6. What’s Your Number? (…and an Epiphany)
  7. One Leaf on the Tree
  8. My Adventure With Meyers Gazetteer
  9. When In Doubt, Map It
  10. A Family Tapestry – A Must-Read Blog!

Have you posted your own “most visited” or “favorite posts” list?  If so, drop me a comment with the link so I can check it out!


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Jacqi Stevens said...

Julie, I see I have a lot of catch-up reading to do here! Great idea to post your top ten. You are such a diligent list-maker, and your resources for colonial America are quite timely for me right now. Not to mention...wow...I made the cut??? Thanks for including me...again!

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