Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday Finds–12/14/12

FridayFindsWeekly column sharing genealogy-related things that I’ve found.

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  • The Last Queen of England by Steve Robinson, available as Kindle eBook.  This is the third in a series of genealogical mysteries.  Another great book by the author…can’t wait for more!

Upcoming Webinars

Date Webinar Presenter Host
December 19 Jewish Genealogy 101 Schelly Talalay Dardashti Southern California Genealogical Society
January 3 Ten Reasons Why Your Ancestor Was in Canada

Kathryn Lake Hogan

Looking 4 Ancestors

January 5

Family History Writing Made Easier: Cloud-Based Tools Every Genealogists Can Use

Lisa Alzo Southern California Genealogical Society
January 8 Beyond the Draft Cards: Additional Selective Service Records Linda Woodward Geiger Illinois State Genealogical Society
January 8 Lights, Camera, Action! Sandra Crowley Friends of the National Archives Southeast Region
January 16

Documentation: Never Having to Ask, "Where did that come from?"

Linda Woodward Geiger Southern California Genealogical Society
January 17 What's New with the FamilySearch Family Tree? Don R. Anderson Utah Genealogical Association



Jacqi Stevens said...

Thanks for the mention, Julie--and for the inspiration that got it all started in the first place!

Unknown said...

Glad you found me Julie. Larry Cragun

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