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Resources for Genealogy Research in Ireland

In September, I wrote about my Link Collection to Various Genealogy & History Resources Online. This collection is my Diigo bookmark library targeted at genealogy. I created a list for each state, as well as a few countries and various topics. There is also a list for general genealogy resources. Over the next week or so, I will highlight some of these lists.

ireland Irish Genealogy

Irish genealogy can be a little tricky depending on the time period.  Hopefully some of these resources will help you out, as they have for me.

Irish Genealogy Toolkit – A great reference for Irish research.  If you want to get your bearings in Irish genealogy, I recommend you start here.  Provides useful information regarding various records types, if and where they are available, and how to use them.  Also includes a handful of Ireland maps, as well as genealogy forms and charts.

Census of Ireland 1901 & 1911 – Digital images of the 1901 and 1911 censuses are available through the National Archives of Ireland website for free.  Note:  There are multiple pages of the census including a household form, two building forms, and the enumerator's abstract of a street or townland.

Ask About Ireland – Tons of resources including digitized books (they refer to them as eBooks) and informational articles.  Visit the Reading Room for these resources.

IreAtlas Townland Database – Gives you the county, barony, civil parish, poor law union, and province for each townland.  Knowing this information is necessary in order to figure out where to look for a particular record.  If for some reason your search for a townland name doesn’t reveal any matches, run a search on only the county and it will pull up a list for every town in the county.  Sometimes the search is just wonky, other times the town may be listed as a variant of how you thought it was spelled or presented (one word versus two words).

Ireland Genealogy Projects Archives – Various abstracts and transcriptions of records including cemetery, directories, newspapers, and vital records.

Centre for Irish Genealogical and Historical Studies – Various resources for Irish research, including a guide for both researching in the National Archives of Ireland and the General Register Office of Ireland.

Irish Archives Resource – "This web site contains information about archival collections open for public research in Ireland. Its purpose is to aid researchers in finding collections relevant to their studies."

Visit Irish Genealogy for the entire list of Irish resources, or visit my library to see my entire collection and other lists.

I’m always updating these resources, so be sure to check back regularly. To receive updates to the Irish Genealogy list, you can subscribe via RSS. You can also subscribe to my entire collection at for updates to all of my lists.



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