Wednesday, September 14, 2011

FGS 2011 – Recap of Post-Conference Activities

Rainbow The nice thing about this conference was the post-conference brunch.  Even though I only live an hour away from Springfield, I knew I would be too exhausted to drive home Saturday night.  So I was pleased to see the Farewell Brunch on Sunday, which offered one last chance to hang out with colleagues before heading home.  The brunch was well-attended and I hope they continue to do this at future conferences.

I of course was thoroughly ecstatic when my number was called for the 1-year Ancestry membership door prize.  My subscription is up in a few months, so this will come in handy!  (And by saving on my subscription this year, I may be able to go to RootsTech 2012.)

After some emotional goodbyes, it was off to rejoin reality.  But I can’t wait to incorporate all that I’ve learned and take my research in new directions.  And of course, continue to build relationships with fellow genealogists, some of which started on Facebook several years ago.

It’s an exciting time in genealogy.  If you’ve never been to a national conference, I strongly encourage you to attend one.  You’ll be surprised just how much fun you can have.


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