Wednesday, September 14, 2011

FGS 2011 – Recap of Day 3

Friday By Friday, my days were blurring together, but regardless, I was still having a blast learning new things and meeting new people.  Again, this day was spent between sessions and the exhibit hall.

Researching Your Indian Wars Ancestor Before the Civil War – Craig Scott provided an overview of the Indian War period prior to the Civil War.  He also gave some tips on using some of the popular NARA records used in this research.  Craig also recommended two books that provide the details of many of these conflicts:  The Wars of America (Robert Leckie) and Colonial Wars of North America (Alan Gallay).

Using Correlation to Reveal Facts That No Record States – In this session Thomas Jones discusses the five methods for correlating evidence, which are narrative, list, timeline, table, and map.  Tom also provided examples of each method to help illustrate his points.  These methods will definitely be helpful in writing proof summaries and case studies in the future.  You can purchase the recording of the session here.

I also attended the Association of Professional Genealogists luncheon, which featured speaker Kenyatta Berry.  Her presentation, Discovering a Genealogical Treasure Trove with A. B. Caldwell, was fascinating. 

I closed out the evening at the FGS 35th Anniversary Celebration dinner.  Harold Holzer’s presentation, The Lincoln Family Album, was outstanding.


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