Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What’s My Lie?

MC900441880 A few days ago, I played along with Randy’s Saturday Night Genealogy Fun, Two Truths, One Lie.  Today, I reveal the answers…

TRUE - My 11th great-grandfather was a colonial governor.  Gov. John WEBSTER is my eleventh great-grandfather as was the governor of Connecticut (colony) from 1656-1657.

TRUE - My 5th great-grandfather has a cemetery named after him.  Aaron WEBSTER is my fifth great-grandfather and has a cemetery named for him in Oakland County, Michigan.

FALSE - My 7th great-grandfather was a signer of the Declaration of Independence.  I am related to signer, Robert Treat PAINE, but not directly.  He is my third cousin nine times removed.

See, there was a grain of truth in the lie :)


1 comment:

Marian Pierre-Louis said...

Thanks was fun! Thanks! Maybe I'll even try it out though a bit late for Saturday.

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