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Rottman Letter, 6 October 1943

A continuation of letters written by my great-grandfather, George Rottman.  The letters were written to his children while he was away from home visiting family in Iowa and Wisconsin in the 1940s.

By October 1943, George is back in Lisbon, Iowa, visiting family.  In this letter he discusses the failing health of some of the family members.  The letter was written to Marge (Rottman) Comerford.  A transcription follows the images.


Lisbon Ia
Oct 6-43

Dear Marge and all,

Received your letter and was glad to hear from you.   "How R U cummin" I am cummin fine."  Hope you the same.  My toe doesnt bother me any more.  My arm bothers me some-times Its too bad about Louie he always spoke to me whenever we met.  Yes I am still catching fish got 1-6 lbs 1-5 lbs 1-1 ½ lbs this morning.  Rose and I have fish twice a day thats about all there is to eat and bread and butter  It was too wet and cold for potatoes.  Kill a chicken now and then.  But we get by.  I set the table and put the thing away after we eat. but dont help with the dishes.  Its so hard for Rose to get around.  She hangs on chairs table or anything that's handy when she walks.  She and Ethel dont want me to leave they dont know how she can get along without someone with her Alma and Clarence are also good  Alma washed my clothes Clarence got me a carton of cigarettes and gives me hooks and suckers and use his good pole and line and real and mixes some doe balls for bait so you can see I can't just say I am going back to Chi[cago] and get a job. Alma brings the Daily Gazette down for me to read every night and we have a radio in the kitchen so I get all the news and listen to all the programs I did in Chi[cago].  Alma and Clarence stay down here about 6 nights a week since Mabel is gone Ethel and Geo come one night a week.  Sis [Anna (Rottman) Hoag] is not able to stay up nights.  She and Jake are in Wheaton now they went last Friday.  Jakes sister Carry DeWolf is dying or dead by now I guess.  There Sis is talking about having some kind of operation before she comes back.  I guess you know we have electric lights.  Vina is failing slow but sure.  She sleeps mostly in the days and is awake at night.  She's afraid of night thinking she will die before morning as soon as daylight comes she goes to sleep for an hr or less at a time.  We had supper at 6:30 and Rose is still in there feeding her and it is 8:00 oclock now.  They have a regular hospital bed for her and another bed in there so they get a little sleep some nights.  I go to bed about 9 or 9:30.  I wrote to Dick so he would get it the day he got the milk check but havnt got any word from him yet.  Told him I needed the money.  But they both are the lousy dirty skunks I ever met.  They even Jipp each other and the kids are the same way.  Well I guess I answered all you asked me in your letter.  I hop[e] Shirley is all well again and also Marge.  It seems like Hammans just live for their girls.  They have no other time for any thing else.  Well I think this is all for this time hoping to hear from you soon  Love to all


Thank[s] for the $

The hens are starting to lay eggs for breakfast to-morrow fish for dinner and more fish for supper.  Laur aught to be here.  Tell Hello to Laurs Ma and Mike and Delos for me

Transcribed by Julie Marie CAHILL Tarr, 24 August 2008.


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