Friday, September 10, 2010

Rottman Letter, 23 November 1943

A continuation of letters written by my great-grandfather, George Rottman.  The letters were written to his children while he was away from home visiting family in Iowa and Wisconsin in the 1940s.

This letter was written on 23 November 1943 to Marge (Rottman) Comerford.  A transcription follows the images.


Lisbon Ia
Nov 23-43

Dear Marge and all,

Received your letter also books and knee pad and stamps thanks for same I dont wear it all the time as it seems to draw or something.  My knee is better to-day and yesterday so maybe it is good for awhile now.  I got a pair of knee warmers so you dont have to get any.  You must of had quite a party on Shirley would of liked to of been there  I got a letter from Ed and when he lets me know when he is comming I will get there some way.  I dont think the Buses will be too crowded where you get a seat and hold it all the way there.  Well Mabel and Alma had an argument and Mabel left so Rose and I are here alone again.  I have to do some of the cooking or at least watch it and dish up sometimes  I killed a rooster this A.M. so Rose is putting it on to cook now 1:30 P.M. it ought to get done in time for supper.  We have plenty of eggs to eat.  Fishing is out altho we have some yet they are froze.  Ducks are all gone and its no good rabbit hunting till it snows.  I got a squirrel the other day.  Clarence and Donald are husking corn down to Lee Pickets.  I have been doing the chores all except milking and the chickens.  Lots of water to pump but they have a gas engine on the pump and I start it when it starts which is when it feels like it.  The other morning I cranked and cranked till I got tired then went in the house and sat down read part of a paper went out and just came up on the crank once and away it went.  Thats the way it acts  He is going to put in an ele[c]tric motor when he gets around to it and gets things lined up. Vina has been worse the last 3 days.  She keeps Rose busy washing pads and changing her she messes all over the bed like an infant  So I do quite a bit in the house Alma dosnt do anything down here.  I have enough reading matter to last me quite a while as I dont get long to read at a time only at night then I go to bed early.  Well I guess this is all I can think of this time so will close hoping to hear from you soon and see you soon too

Love to all


Transcribed by Julie Marie CAHILL Tarr, 24 August 2008.


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