Monday, November 30, 2009

A Rare Find

The theme for the 6th edition of A Festival of Postcards is:  White.

So this is your chance to share any of your black and white postcards, or colour postcards featuring white (think white sands and snow, White Cliffs of Dover etc.). As always, feel free to play with the theme. Do you have postcards depicting places that incorporate the word white (or bianco, blanc etc.)? How about a play on words (e.g. white elephant, it`s not black & white?) You’ve pretty well got carte blanche!

Playing into the theme of “white,” I decided to go the black and white route.  Many of you know I collect old photographs, including real photo postcards (I blog about them a Who Will Tell Their Story?).  I’ve picked them up at antique stores, estate sales, and eBay.  Until today, I didn’t even know I had my own real photo postcards!  I have a whopping total of seven, all identified (such a deal!!).  So for this edition of A Festival of Postcards, I thought I’d share one of these finds instead of an orphan on my other blog.

This is an RFC of my grandfather, Harold MILLER and his brother Raymond.  I estimate that this photo was taken about 1920, based on the ages of the boys and their known birthdates (it also corresponds with the stamp identified at playle.com).

Aren’t they adorable?




1 comment:

Evelyn Yvonne Theriault said...

Thanks again for taking part in the Festival of Postcards.
I don't actually own any family rppcs, although this last weekend my niece showed me one from her father's family and I found it really exciting to finally get a close look at an rppc created as a family memento.
Evelyn in Montreal

P.S. I hope you can copy the White Festival url directly into your post so that readers can navigate freely back and forth between the Festival and your post. Thank you!

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