Friday, October 30, 2009

Genealogy Newsletter – Casefile Clues

We all know that in order to be effective genealogy researchers, continual education is necessary.  Many of us are members of local, state, and national genealogical societies and review the publications we receive as part of our membership.  Many of us subscribe to publications such as Family Tree Magazine and The American Genealogist.  We read these publications to learn about research methodology, evidence analysis, and other tips and tricks to aid in our research endeavors.

I’m always on the lookout for ways to help me further my genealogy research.  I recently learned about a weekly genealogy newsletter, authored by Michael John Neill, called Casefile Clues.  Michael was kind enough to send me two sample issues, which had me running off and subscribing (and ordering the back issues!). 

Each week, Michael writes an article about a research problem and discusses the techniques used to arrive at a conclusion.  The ideas in one issue set me off on a research course that helped me find the parents of a great-great-grandfather.  The same issue provided ideas for my quest to find another family in Chicago; the only set of great-great-grandparents that I lose in the mid-1880s and have yet to find their death dates.

For an annual subscription fee of $15, you can have a new Casefile Clues delivered to your inbox every week.  You can even order the first ten issues if you want to catch up.


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HappyDae said...

I, too, subscribe to Michael's weekly newsletter. It is a bargain and I recommend it to serious researchers. AND...getting his cases on a weekly basis (oh, look! a couplet) helps keep me focused. There are so many distractions todae that sometimes my focus get blurred or random at best.

Happy Dae·

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