Friday, August 14, 2009

Weekly Genealogy Blogging Prompt #32

Prompt:  Update older posts. If you find more information related to a previous post, create an update post. Link to the older posts to refresh readers’ memories, then give us the details on new discoveries.

Back in February I posted an obituary for Byron WEBSTER (first cousin four times removed).  The obit was clipped and there was no way of knowing when it was published and therefore, no idea when he died.

Fortunately, Granny Pam came to the rescue and located the burial record in the book Mt. Hope Cemetery, Oakland County, Michigan, Beverly Lancaster and Russel Reed, editors, (Pontiac, Michigan: Pontiac Area Historical and Genealogical Society, n.d.).


This was a great find, as now I know about when he died.  Since he was buried on 8 May 1941, I’ve estimated, based on the burial date and the information in the obit, that he died on 4 May 1941.  Still looking for concrete proof of the actual date, but for now, and estimate is better than nothing ;)


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