Friday, June 19, 2009

Weekly Genealogy Blogging Prompt #24

Prompt:  Document a genealogy event with photos and share in your blog. Show others how much fun your local luncheon can be, or how your genealogy field trip turned into a landslide of books. Don’t forget to get permission before posting photos of others.

On May 2, a group of us cemetery lovers got together in Springfield, Illinois for a little field trip.  I met some great people, and I also got to meet Minda Powers-Douglas and Beth Santore in person,

First up was the Museum of Funeral Customs.  Right now, the museum is only open to group tours. It was a neat place with a variety of exhibits showing the many sides of funerals.

Horse-drawn hearse

Replica of Abraham Lincoln’s coffin

Coffin plates
Widows’ Weeds

Decorative urn

After the museum, we headed next-door to Oak Ridge Cemetery, home of Abraham Lincoln’s tomb.

Lincoln’s Tomb

Inside Lincoln’s Tomb

Some of the gang outside Lincoln’s Tomb

Me rubbing Lincoln’s nose
Lincoln’s Tomb

GAR Memorial

Tomb of John R. Tanner, IL Governor

Our last adventure was the Lincoln’s Ghost Tour in downtown Springfield.  It was a neat tour, showing many of the Lincoln sites and filled with history.

Lincoln statue on the Square Lincoln’s home

We had a lot of fun.  Can’t wait to do it again!!



Jean B. Duncan said...

Looks like a fascinating day! Wish I could've been there in person, but thank you for the virtual tour!

wendy said...

Oh I am SO JEALOUS! This was the year I was to go to Lincoln's Tomb & spend more time in Springfield. With Mom's passing & my subsequent stay in Ohio (which meant losing any vacation we were going to take this summer) - I'll have to wait until we go visit my cousins in Ohio in a couple years.

Julie Cahill Tarr said...

Wendy - Let me know when you go and I'll go with ya!

Jean - It was a lot of fun!

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