Thursday, February 19, 2009

Weekly Genealogy Blogging Prompt #6

Prompt - Let readers in to your kitchen. Discuss your family’s favorite foods. What was a typical Sunday dinner in your childhood house? What did grandma make that had you coming back for more? Were there any dishes that the dog wouldn’t even eat?

I'm a little late with this post, as it was last week's prompt.  But I want to do them all, so here goes...

I have to admit, this is the one thing I miss about my family when growing up.  We ate dinner as a family every night.  When I was about 9 or so, it seemed we always had a big meal on Sunday's with me, mom, dad, and nana.  A roast of some sort, mashed potatoes, gravy, peas or corn.  My mom makes the best mashed potatoes and gravy!

One of my favorite meals growing up (and still to this day) was mom's chicken and dumplings.  I'd have to say that tuna casserole was not on my list of dishes to eat.

These days it's hard.  It's just me and my husband.  He works second shift, so dinner is not something we share, except on the weekends.  I like to cook, but it's hard to cook for just one.  I could make dinner for two, but some meals just don't make good leftovers.  Now that I am working at home, we try to have a meal for lunch, so I've been cooking a little more.  And we've gotten better about cooking at home on the weekends as opposed to eating out.

When my mom came back to Illinois for my wedding in 2003, I made her cook for three weeks!  Yum!!!  She even introduced us to new creations that she'd never cooked when I was a kid.  That was the last time I had her cooking, until that is, when my husband and I drove out to Arizona for the holidays.  I gave her a menu in advance.  Boy do I miss her cooking!  It was also nice to sit down as a family, have a great meal, and talk about anything and everything.

Boy, now I'm starving!  What's for dinner?

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P.S. Love ya, mom!



Mom said...

Miss you, too!! When I was growing up, Sunday night was grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup, served in the living room watching Maverick on TV. We had our "big" meal for lunch, so this was special to be able to eat in the living room watching TV. My "could not eat" meal was when my Dad made runny eggs sunnyside up. Both the yolk and white was runny and then he put ketchup on top. To this day I can only eat "desert dry" scrambled eggs. LOL!!

Cindy said...

hey there Julie - another award is making it's rounds. Stop by my blog and pick up your Kreativ Blogger Award. I love your blog! The stories, triumphs and a lesson or two - great stuff!

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