Thursday, February 19, 2009

Weekly Genealogy Blogging Prompt #7

Prompt - Share your holiday traditions. How did you spend the 4th of July? Did the fire truck ever come to your house on Thanksgiving? Share your memories of all holidays, not just the December ones.

With Easter just around the corner, I thought I'd share some stories and photos of Easters past.

Every year when I was younger, my mom would make hard-boiled eggs (at least a dozen, sometimes two dozen).  She'd set out four mugs, usually the multi-color Tupperware mugs, each filled with vinegar and one of the four food coloring colors.  Then, with our Tupperware egg holder-scoop thingy, we'd dip the eggs in a mug and viola, a colored Easter egg.

Mom would get up early on Easter Sunday to hide the eggs.  Then when I got up, it was off to search for them.  Sometimes they were easy to find.  Sometimes they were in the same special place year after year.  Mom was also pretty creative; sometimes the eggs were in plain sight, yet hard to find.  When I would get frustrated if I couldn't find them, we'd play hot-and-cold until all the eggs were found.

Then it was off to nana and papa's house for more egg hunting and Easter supper. 

My cousins and I would search high and low to find all the eggs.  It was always a mad dash to the classic hiding spots like the mailbox and under the big brass floor candle holder. 

We'd sit down to a wonderful ham dinner with all the fixings. 

Easter was definitely one of my favorite holidays.  A lot of fun and great food!



Photos:  Above right, me and mom, Easter 1979; above left, me and dad, Easter 1979; below left, me and nana, Easter 1984; below right, me with mom and dad, Easter 1984.





Mom said...

My dad was into raising bonsai. One Easter Sunday, he showed us his latest acquisition. It was just a small evergreen, but he was proud of it. We found out later about Dad's great sense of humor. We found all the hidden Easter eggs but one. Yep, you guessed it! His "latest acquisition" was actually a cutting from the bushes outside and that last "hidden" egg was inside the bonsai pot and could only be seen if you picked up the pot and noticed the colored egg through the tiny hole. Boy, did he laugh at us!!

I had to start writing down where I hid the eggs, as the older you got, the more difficult the hiding places. One year I forgot where I hid one and only found it after it started smelling!

Chris Miller said...

Those were the best Easter Egg Hunts.

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