Saturday, January 24, 2009

Weekly Genealogy Blogging Prompt #3

Prompt:  Participate in weekly blog themes: Tombstone Tuesday, Wordless Wednesday, etc. Many genealogy bloggers post photos of grave stones on Tombstone Tuesday or a photo worth 1,000 silent words on Wordless Wednesday. Participate in these informal events or invent your own.

This week, I faithfully participated in Wordless Wednesday, as well as two of my own personal ones.

Wordless Wednesday - Taking the cue from the other geneaBloggers, I started featuring this regularly on my blog back in September 2008.  You can see all of them here.

Family Events - Thomas over at Destination: Austin Family was doing a daily post of BMDs at his blog.  Knowing that I couldn't possible do this each day, I decided to fashion my own version in a weekly post that I do on Sundays.  You can see all of them here.

Saturday in the Attic - I have a lot of family mementoes, from letters to nic-nacs to antiques.  Back in November 2008, I started featuring this weekly column on my blog to share these things.  You can see all of the posts here.  And, while you're at it, why not start your own Saturday in the Attic column on your blog!

Oh, and finally, doesn't this post count?  ;)

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