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Saturday in the Attic - 01/24/09

The last few weeks I have been preparing to apply for membership into the Daughters of the American Revolution.  So I had to pull out the Webster family Bible wherein my legacy resides.  The Bible belonged to my third great-grandmother, Sarah Norton WEBSTER.  It was given to her in 185[3] as a gift from her father, Calvin Price WEBSTER.  It is in critical condition, so this is only the second time I've opened it, as I needed to gather some final sources for my DAR application.

While carefully combing through the pages, I came across some loose papers and clippings.  Among them was the following letter, written by Sarah's niece, Julie Ann WEBSTER in 1952, presumably to her cousin (also a niece of Sarah) Emma Ellen HANIFAN.  What's interesting about this letter, is the reference to DAR.  Julia was a member, as were others in our family.  I thought it was fitting for this week's column since I am in the midst of completing my DAR application.

WEBSTER, Julia Ann WEBSTER Letter to Emma Ellen HANIFAN 01-A

WEBSTER, Julia Ann WEBSTER Letter to Emma Ellen HANIFAN 01-B


Pontiac Mich--

My dear Emma,

This is a late thank you for that lovely box of card.

When your letter came It was so carefully put away I had no address not ever to send a greeting.

Thanks for your remem-brance that was enclosed in Christmas greeting.

I felt like I have in the days gone by when your good mother remembered me.

Counting your little letter I felt that the C. Webster decendants were with me,--a nice long one from Maria (Hanifan) Ballard in Ohio and one from the Vliets, Birmingham Mich. also a card from Frank Hanifan.

All his family but one Frances are married--He had nine with two sets of twins.

A few years back, the Vliets lost their son.  This year they lost their only grandson, a boy of 10 years.

In August my niece's sone Joseph was ordained at Pittsburgh  He belongs to O.F.M Cap's Order  He is a teacher in a college--Washington D.C.

Thanks for card when you went west with __ (plus) other grandmothers

How time does fly.  Ella (Bird) Murray and her sister Flora are still on the family tree.

Flora's family are scattered in the south and in the west.  Ella's g-dau--a graduate nurse.  I never see them

Flora lives alone.

Today I had a letter from a niece of Marie (Hanifan) Ballard.  She would like to join D.A.R.--a dau of Charlie Hanifan.

Did I write you we had a record for the D.A.R. in the Norton or (Maughton) line

Solomon Norton was born Naughton in War 1716.  Naughton--went to Vermont--was called Norton as one of his uncles was called.  Around 1823--went back to old name--

A dec. of Luther N. Webster (in Iowa) is a member of D.A.R. as is a dec. of Wm. Aaron Webster in Pontiac.

I probably have made a few mistakes in this letter I had neurities in hands and arms close to three years ago and have written very few letters

No this is not "Christmas" paper or rather stationary--I must have had it a dozen years.  Will use it up on my relatives.

I can't get over it but I don't want to write.

I wonder if one can tire of writing.

I've lived alone so long and been "my own boss"--folks don't realize I'll be 82 on Ground Hog day.

(Am not alone--three cats.)

"Star boarder's milk .23 quart butter .95 lb., potatoes .75 peck--the cat's are like the folk's of 1951--now 1952--they like the up to the minute eats--canned food.

One of our distant cousins in Pontiac buys her grapefruit in the cans.

It's now close to bed time--the time I don't like--I've a good bed (yes one cat would like to sleep with me) but I don't sleep all the time.  I don't complain--I have so much so far to be thankful for.

Accept with love this rambling letter  Your Cousin


This letter is privately held by Julie Marie CAHILL Tarr.

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Apple said...

Hi Julie,

Did you try to photograph the Bible pages while you had it open?

This letter holds lots of treasure for following her family as she mentions so many and the places they moved to.


Debbie said...

What a neat letter and how lucky you are to have it and the old family Bible.

I also like the family events idea.


Nikki-ann said...

What a fantastic and interesting find! :)

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