Saturday, November 29, 2008

Family Events - Week of December 1 to December 7

William E KAMMER - Bill is the husband of my first cousin once removed, Karen.  He was born in Kansas and died on 2 December 2000 in New York.

Clara Hilda ROTTMAN - Clara is my first cousin twice removed.  She was born in Iowa on 2 December 1916.  She died young from cancer, at the age of 29, in Iowa.

George GRAVES - George is my 11th great-grandfather, who was born about 1631 in England.  He died on 3 December 1692 in Connecticut.

Sarah Sally HOOKER - Sarah is the wife of my first cousin six times removed, Rev. Abel WARREN.  It is believed she descends from Thomas HOOKER.  Sarah was born on Christmas Day in 1792 in Vermont.  She died on 6 December 1873 in Michigan.

James MULLIGAN - James is my third great-grandfather.  He was born on 7 December 1812 in Dublin, Ireland.  He died on 8 September 1879 in Flint, Michigan.

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