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My #RootsTech 2013 Recap

RTOfficialBlog_GSaturday afternoon marked then end of the third annual RootsTech conference.  As an official blogger for the second year, the 2013 conference was a much different experience for me…simply put, I wasn’t in attendance, well, in person that is.

Instead, I watched from the sidelines at home.  In a way, I felt like I was at the conference, as many people in my online social networking circles were posting comments, news, and photos.  And best of all, some of the session were streamed lived right to my home computer, where I could watch and enjoy while in my PJs.  Attending the conference in this manner also gave me more opportunities to share and converse with others, particularly over Twitter. 

Last year, I didn’t do too much live interaction…I was either in a session, networking in the exhibit hall, hanging out with friends, or had my head buried in records at the Family History Library.  I barely found time to eat or sleep!  And with my health issues, attending large conferences takes a toll on me and it takes me a good week or so to recover.  So I appreciate that the RootsTech organizers decided to again stream some session live and record them for future viewing; and that they allowed me to remain an official blogger even though I was unable to attend.

I was able to watch most of the streamed sessions, but instead of recapping them, I though I would share with you my Top 3.  I strongly encourage you to go watch these videos.  I don’t know how long they will be available, or if they will move off the main page, as I have not heard anything on that front.  But for now, you can access all the videos from the main page of the RootsTech website (scroll down to navigate to a specific video).  CAUTION:  This, and the links below in my Top 3 list, will bring you to the page and the video will start to play automatically.  You may want to turn down your volume before heading over there, especially if it’s 2 AM and the rest of your household is sleeping (or if you have a heart condition!).

In addition to my Top 3 Recorded Sessions list, I’ve also included a list of links to a variety of reports and videos from the conference.

My Top 3 Recorded Sessions

  1. Tell It Again, with Kim Weitkamp – All I can say is WOW!  I was in such awe after watching it live, I couldn’t even put into words why this presentation was so fantastic (and apparently I still can’t!).  Kim is an amazing storyteller and she used that gift to show us why telling and capturing our stories is so important.  This is a must-watch presentation!  Pop some popcorn, grab your favorite beverage, and watch it NOW!
  2. Google Search…and Beyond, with Dave Barney – I hadn’t planned on “attending” this session, but I decided at the last minute, why not.  So glad I did!  While there were things presented that I already knew, it was a reminder that I need to use these techniques (knowing them is only half the battle…I’ve not been good about implementing them…duh!).  And Dave, who is a Google developer, also talked about a few things I didn’t know about that I will also be putting into practice.  Trust me, even if you think you know Google, I bet this presentation will point you to at least one thing you didn’t already know.  I suggest having pen and paper (or your favorite note-taking app open) while watching this presentation.  Be prepared to watch, pause, write/type notes, rewind, rinse, and repeat.
  3. Digital Storytelling: More Than Bullet Points, with Denise Olson – I love Denise!  Her blog Moultrie Creek Gazette is wonderful and she always has great tech tips to share there and at the FamilySearch blog.  She gives a wonderful presentation with all sorts of ideas and examples for sharing family stories in the digital world.  With tips and inspiration, this is a must-see for anyone looking for ways to use technology to share stories and preserve memories and artifacts.

News Items & Videos from RootsTech 2013


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