Thursday, March 14, 2013

Can’t Attend RootsTech in Person? Attend From Home!

RTOfficialBlog_GRootsTech announced the schedule for 13 sessions that will be streamed live during the conference, allowing people to attend virtually.  This is how I will be attending the conference this year.

Below is the schedule.  Note that time is listed in MOUNTAIN STANDARD TIME.

Thursday, March 21

8:30 AM (Mountain) Keynote – Dennis Brimhall, Syd Lieberman, and Josh Taylor
11:00 AM (Mountain) The Future of Genealogy – Panel
1:45 PM (Mountain) Tell It Again (Story@Home) – Kim Weitkamp
3:00 PM (Mountain) The Genealogists Gadget Bag – Panel
4:15 PM (Mountain) Finding the Obscure and Elusive: Geographic Information on the Web – James Tanner

Friday, March 22

8:30 AM (Mountain) Keynote – Jyl Pattee and Tim Sullivan
9:45 AM (Mountain) Researching Ancestors Online – Laura Prescott
11:00 AM (Mountain) FamilySearch Family Tree – Ron Tanner
1:45 PM (Mountain) Google Search...and Beyond – Dave Barney
3:00 PM (Mountain) From Paper Piles to Digital Files – Valerie Elkins

Saturday, March 23

8:30 AM (Mountain) Keynote – David Pogue and Gilad Japhet
9:45 AM (Mountain) Using Technology to Solve Research Problems – Karen Clifford
11:00 AM (Mountain) Digital Storytelling: More Than Bullet Points – Denise Olson

I haven’t seen any concrete instruction, but I believe that you go to the RootsTech website at the scheduled time and look for a webcast window.  Even though I attended the conference last year, I did watch the Saturday keynote from my hotel room because I was running behind, so I watched it while I got ready.  But I don’t really remember how I accessed it.

I also believe that, like last year, these will be recorded and available at the RootsTech website sometime after the conference.  Last year I took advantage of this because there were two sessions that I wanted to attend during the same time slot.  One of them was going to be streamed and recorded, so I attended the other one, then watched the recording after the conference.




Heather Rojo said...

I attended RootsTech entirely virtually last year. The broadcast link was right on the home page at rootstech.org I like your idea about watching from your hotel room. I will be there "in person" this year, and the doors to the keynotes open at 7:30am each morning, so I might be running a bit late, too!

Julie Cahill Tarr said...

Thanks for confirming my suspicion about viewing, Heather. I'm not a morning person and it was an hour earlier for me, so I was always running late. But I did want to see that Keynote presentation, so I thought I'd watch it while I got dressed, ate breakfast, etc. Worked out quite nicely! Sorry we won't get to meet this time. I'll be at FGS though, you?

LisaM said...

Thanks, Julie, for the info! I will be doing what you did as well--going back and watching one of the live-streamed sessions later because I can't be in two places at once (bummer!).

I'm sad to hear you won't be there this year, I was hoping I could meet you in person! Oh well, next year?

Julie Cahill Tarr said...

You're welcome, Lisa! Hope you have a great time!!

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