Tuesday, October 2, 2012

And I thought my English handwriting was bad…

Turns out, my German handwriting is even worse!

On Saturday, I attended the Tazewell County (IL) Genealogical Society fall workshop, where Carol Whitton presented four great lectures.  Truth be told, I was strictly in it for the two lectures on German research:  Using and Understanding the German Gazetteer and Reading German Church Records.

Both of the German lectures were excellent and gave me some motivation to dive further into my German roots (more on that in another post).  In the church record presentation, Carol introduced us to the old German Sütterlin script, which has not been taught since World War II.  Then, after handing out penmanship paper, she had us try our hand at writing in the script. 

I felt like a first-grader trying to write for the first time!  English or German, it doesn’t matter, my penmanship is still terrible…but for my first stab at writing in an obsolete script that is completely foreign (no pun intended) to me, I don’t think I did too bad.  Can you read these surnames?


The surnames are:  Schwartz, Müller, Kramer, Leppin, and Wach.



Jacqi Stevens said...

Well, I guessed Müller right. Do I get a prize?

Actually, Julie, your handwriting sample looks quite well done. It probably felt more awkward than it looks.

Claudia said...

Mueller was also the only one I could quest..

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