Thursday, September 15, 2011

National Institute for Genealogical Studies – 12% Discount on Course Packages

In honor of their 12th year of providing online genealogy courses, the National Institute for Genealogical Studies is offering a 12% discount on course packages.  The course packages are already discounted tremendously (i.e., if you were to purchase each course separately, you’d spend a lot more), so a 12% discount is icing on the cake.

I finished my Basic Level course package back in May, and with FGS 2011 Conference responsibilities, I did not purchase another package.  Now that the conference is over, I can get back to working on my goals, and for starters, that means purchasing another batch of courses to work on.  I’m certainly going to take advantage of the 12% discount, which is available through October 4, 2011.

Visit the National Institute for Genealogical Studies website to learn more about their courses, certificate programs, and instructors.


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