Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Don’t Forget to Say ‘Thank You’

It’s hard to believe that at this time next week I will be finishing up my first day of sessions and activities at my first national genealogy conference.  And after working on the FGS 2011 Conference for over a year, I must admit that I’m happy, yet sad, it’s almost over. 

Like many of the other wonderful volunteers that have worked hard to put this year’s conference together, I’ve been extremely busy and very focused on the conference and have had to put off some things…but it’s all been worth it.  I’ve had the chance to work with some great people and learn and grow from the experience. 

Which brings me to the title of this post.  If you are attending the conference, be sure to say “thank you” to any of the volunteers you come in contact with.  Volunteers come in many packages and include those who are working at the conference (i.e., room monitors) to committee chairmen.  When you see someone wearing an “Ask Me” button or the like, take a minute to say hello and thank them for their hard work in making your conference experience enjoyable. 

In addition to all of the volunteers who will be working various aspects during of the conference, don’t forget to thank the conference/committee chairmen for all of their hard work over the past year-and-a-half (plus) to put together a wonderful conference full of great sessions, speakers, and special events.  These folks include Pat Oxley, FGS President; Josh Taylor and Paula Stuart-Warren, National Conference Co-Chairs; Susie Pope and David Kent Coy, Local Conference Co-Chairs; and Janice Fritsch, ISGS President.  A full list of chairmen can be found in the right column of the FGS Conference News Blog.

As part of the conference committee, I do hope you have a wonderful experience at the conference this year.  I look forward to seeing you next week!


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Judy Webster said...

I wasn't at that conference, but I've been to many in Australia, NZ and the UK, and I heartily endorse your comments about volunteers. Thanks!

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