Saturday, July 16, 2011

Unclaimed Persons Has Moved

The Unclaimed Persons project, which helps find next of kin for the deceased, has move to a new home at http://www.unclaimed-persons.org/forums.  Even if you were a member of the group on Facebook, you will need to register at the new site.

The new site, which is structured like a message board, went live yesterday and it appears all of the active and pending cases have been transferred from Facebook.  Just taking a quick look at the new site shows me that it is going to be much easier to work with and manage.  Cases are contained in separate boards: open cases, pending cases, and close cases.  And it looks like cases can easily be moved to a different board when the status of the case changes.

I’m excited for the new site and hope I can help out again in the future.  Unfortunately, right now, there are just not enough hours in the day.  I do, however, applaud all of the volunteers and the hard work they do; it’s such a worthy cause.

To learn more about Unclaimed Persons, click here.


1 comment:

Janis Martin said...

Thanks for the write up, Julie! I hope you will get a chance to join us on the cases. The new forum does have so much more to offer.

See you there!

Janis Martin
Director, Unclaimed Persons

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