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Rottman Letter, 20 November 1942

A continuation of letters written by my great-grandfather, George Rottman.  The letters were written to his children while he was away from home visiting family in Iowa and Wisconsin in the 1940s.

This letter is dated 20 November 1942.  It was written to Marge (Rottman) and Lawrence Comerford just after their baby was born.  Unlike the previous three letters, this one (and the next) are sent from Wild Rose, Wisconsin.  I’m not sure what brought George to Wisconsin.  A transcription follows the images.

Wild Rose Wis
Nov 20-42

Dear Marge & Turk

Received Turks letter and was glad to hear from you.  Glad to hear you have your baby and both are all right.  So now you can quit worrying so much.  Don't worry about Turk or the flat while you are in the hispital  They will get along O.K.  You just think about yourself and the baby.  Well we are helping our neighbor get up wood for the winter  Then he will help us get up our wood we are burning both coal and some wood now.  It hasnt been cold enough all week to start a fire in the heater yesterday I worked in my short sleeves it was foggy all day.  To date we have got 3 Rabbits and 2 squirrels.  There are lots of ducks but always too far out in the lake to shoot at and then we cant hunt right anyway because we havnt any license or duck stamps.  I guess we have to be here 6 months before we can get a resident liscense [sic].  Dick [Richard Rottman?] hasnt bought a farm yet.  We have 2 in view.  One is a regular rich [?] farm but he died and it must be sold to clear up the estate.  The buildings and iron fence around the 110 acres alone must of cost at least 15,000.00 dollars.  There is a small private lake on the place and only about 2 blocks from Pine River which is a wonderful trout and other fish stream.  They are asking 5,500.00 for it.  But I think it can be bought for 5 grand.  But you cant tell we might get something entirely different  The[y] change mind so often.  And then sometimes I change it for them.  Well I wrote a long letter to Ed the same time I wrote you before but have not heard from him as yet.  I would like to come down for Thanksgiving but I don't think I can.  There is going to be a bunch come up here so I will be down for the Christmas holidays.  I hope we have some snow by then so I can get some rabbits we only hunt on our place but there are plenty of game on the place.  Well I will close for this time hoping you and the baby are doing well and Marie and Harold and the rest are all the same  Love to all and say Hello to the baby

Your Loving Dad

Wild Rose
Rout #2 - Box 90     Wis

Transcribed by Julie Marie CAHILL Tarr, 24 August 2008.


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Nancy said...

I've only read the first several letters but those are gems. They are such homey, every-day, life-as-it's-lived letters. Very comforting. How pleased you must be to have them!

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