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Parks Family Deeds in Oakland County: Part 1

Oh no, not another post on land records!  Don’t worry, if you’re not interested in this family, you can move on…you won’t miss any tips or great stories.  This is simply a list of the deeds I have transcribed for my known Parks family in Oakland County, Michigan, as well as other Parks I found along the way, who may or may not be related.  Part 1 includes all deeds found in Volumes 1 through 10 of the Oakland County Deeds.

All of the deeds were transcribed by me.  The links will take you to the transcription, which is available on Scribd.  I have also updated my Google map for the known Parks family (it includes my Websters as well).

Known Parks Family in Oakland County
Date Grantor Grantee
1822-10-12 Charles C Trowbridge Robert Parks
1824-01-23 Salmon Mathews Robert Parks
1826-04-07 Robert Parks Calvin C Parks
1827-03-02 Robert Parks James Skidmore
1827-06-29 Robert Parks Michael Pearsall
1829-03-03 Benjamin Hoyt Michael Pearsall, Robert Parks and George P Morse
1829-03-23 Robert Parks Clark Beardsley
1829-06-23 Ebenezer Smith Allen Minor Parks
1830-02-27 Allen Minor Parks Calvin C Parks
1830-11-23 Calvin C Parks Van Rensalaer Harper
1831-03-17 Robert Parks Betsey (Parks) Webster
1831-06-02 Robert Parks Samuel W Harding
1831-06-21 Joseph Clark Hemmingway Robert S Parks
1831-06-23 Robert S Parks Salmon J Matthews
1831-06-25 Lucy Goodrich Robert S Parks
1832-01-19 Calvin C Parks Salmon J Matthews
1832-03-13 Calvin C Parks John Allen
1832-03-13 John Allen Calvin C Parks
1832-04-03* John K Smith Calvin C Parks
1832-04-03 John K Smith Calvin C Parks
1832-09-06 Calvin C Parks John E Beardsley
1832-11-12 Charles C Hascall Calvin C Parks
1833-01-13 Peter Schoonover Bennett Beardsley & Calvin C Parks
1833-05-16 Allen Minor Parks Jonathan F Noble
1833-05-17 Calvin C Parks Henry H Panton
1833-09-04 Bennet Beardsley Calvin C Parks
1833-10-01 Oakland County Calvin C Parks
1833-11-16 Jonathan F Noble Allen Minor Parks
1834-11-14 Calvin C Parks Salmon T Matthews
1835-05-02 Calvin C Parks Henry H Panton
1835-09-10 George Clark Calvin C Parks
1835-10-26 Calvin C Parks Arthur Power
1835-10-31 Ebenezer Pennell Calvin C Parks
1835-12-18 Bennett Beardsley Calvin C Parks
1835-12-18 Bennett Beardsley Calvin C Parks

*Recorded in Oakland County, but land is located in Lapeer County.

Not-So-Sure-About Parks in Oakland County
Date Grantor Grantee
1831-09-03 Benjamin Bresee William Parks
1833-02-09 William Parks Nathan Taylor
1833-03-04 Henry Vanamburgh Lorilla Parks
1833-03-04 Henry Vanamburgh Smith Parks Jr
1833-05-21 William Parks Hira Law
1833-05-22 Daniel Lake William Parks
1833-05-24 Harvey Cone William Parks
1833-10-24 Vincent Parks Smith Parks
1833-12-03 Alanson Parks Joab Guile
1834-01-27 William Delling James Parks
1834-06-18 Alanson Parks Smith Parks
1834-10-02 Smith Parks Smith Parks Jr
1835-03-03 William Parks Smith Parks
1835-05-25 Samuel B Pickett Esther Parks
1835-09-?? Joseph Bishop John Parks


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