Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Collateral Family Deeds in Oakland County: Part 1

This is a list of the deeds I have transcribed for my known collateral families in Oakland County, Michigan.  Part 1 includes all deeds found in Volumes 1 through 10 of the Oakland County Deeds.

All of the deeds were transcribed by me.  The links will take you to the transcription, which is available on Scribd

Date Grantor Grantee
1825-05-24 Silas Glazier Elisha Glazier
1828-08-13 Austin E Wing Elisha Glazier
1828-10-13 Daniel Vanantwerp Elisha Glazier
1829-11-28 George Postal Nelson Madden
1830-10-02 Elisha Glazier James Kemp
1832-09-12 George M Shaw William Nichols, Jesse Decker, Philip Bigler and Elisha Glazier
1833-11-15 Elisha Glazier Tenison F Glazier
1834-06-13 Elisha Glazier Benjamin F Pierson


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