Saturday, July 31, 2010

Question on Passenger Lists

This may seem like a dumb question, but I don’t have much experience with passenger lists.  So before I make an assumption, I’m hoping someone can steer me to the correct answer.

I’ve been working on my step-father’s family, who came from Italy after 1900, making them much easier to find in ship records than my Germans in the 1880s.  Anyway, I found his grandfather, Giuseppe, who came over alone (although married with at least one child at the time) in 1906.  I know this is the correct person because the date of arrival matches that of his naturalization index card (the card has the same address of his known residence). 

Knowing the wife and daughter did not come over in 1906 with Giuseppe, I targeted my search to after 6 September 1906 to April 1910 (when they were both enumerated in the census).  I first found them on a list with an arrival date of 26 September 1907.  However, their names had been crossed out.

I am assuming (here’s the assumption and ultimately the question) that they did not actually leave Italy as indicated on the list because their names were crossed out.  So I continued to see if there was another list; I found two more.  The second one (in date order) was for an arrival of 16 April 1909, and again, their names were crossed out.  The third was for an arrival date of 7 May 1909, and finally, their names were not crossed out.  Unfortunately, none of the lists ask the question (found on other lists) as to whether they had been to the U.S. before.

So, does this mean that they did not actually leave Italy in the first two instances, and they finally did in the last?  Below are the images so you can visually see what I am talking about.  If this is the case, any ideas as to why?

Also, I find it interesting that the wife, indicating that she is married, used her maiden name on all three lists, while her child was listed with the correct surname.  Any ideas?

Passenger Ship List #1 – Dated 26 September 1907

Passenger Ship List #2 – Dated 16 April 1909

Passenger Ship List #3 – Dated 7 May 1909



Jenna said...

Julie look at the last pages of the ship manifest. That is where they will list if someone was detained or returned. Might be more information there.

Julie said...

Thanks, Jenna! I checked all of the pages at the end of the manifest, and although they were not listed, I did realize that there was a 2nd page to the record that I did not initially see. It gives even more information; including the question about whether they have been to the US before or not.

I just find it strange that they are crossed out, yet this is a manifest of those arriving in the US port. Yet in the 2nd list, it indicates "no" for whether they had been to the US before. I'm so confused!

Amy Coffin, MLIS said...

Julie, I just listened to a podcast about passenger list notations and I think it could help you, too:


It's episode 31, Stephen Danko, and he did talk about reasons people were crossed out on manifests.

Hope it helps. If not, you could always contact him directly (he's very nice and approachable).

Julie said...

Thanks, Amy! That podcast episode was very helpful :)

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