Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Finds – 05/07/10

Weekly column sharing genealogy-related things that I’ve learned or found.

Life From the Roots – This is a new-to-me blog authored by Barbara Poole.  I have no idea how I missed this one, as this blog has been around since June 2009 and I’ve been friends with Barbara via Facebook for some time.  At any rate, she left a comment on my blog last week and I found her blog through that comment.  We have many states in common in our research…maybe one day our paths will cross!

The Shy Genealogist – This is another new-to-me blog, that again, I found through a comment posted on my blog.  I must have been asleep in mid-2009, as this one has been around since May 2009.  Lisa writes a column called “Working it Wednesday,” which features genealogy tutorials.

My Ancestors and Me – Boy, I really did fall off the face of the earth in mid 2009.  This is yet another blog I came across through a comment on my blog.  This one is authored by Nancy.  There’s a lot of neat stuff here, so be sure to check it out.

Finding an ancestor's arrival in Canada before 1865 – Written by Lorine over at Ask Olive Tree Genealogy a Question.  This article will come in handy as I have a few people who were in Canada prior to 1865.

Why Can’t You Get It Right? – The Ancestry Insider wonders why genealogy programs don’t have an “Evidence Management” feature.  I gotta say, I’m with him on this one.  This is something that is lacking and needs to be addressed.  I like to have everything in one place (i.e. one program) as opposed to something in Legacy, notes in Word or OneNote, lists in Excel, etc.  I’ve found a work-around to contain everything (for the most part) in Legacy, but it’s not the greatest solution.  I wonder if any of the major players are looking at such a feature…

COG 93: The Genealogical Proof Standard – This is a great series of articles looking at the steps taken using the GPS.  It’s written by Jen of the blog ShawGenealogy (this is also a new-to-me-blog).



Barbara said...

Julie, thank you for listing my blog in your "Friday Finds." I'm sure we will connect somewhere along the lines. Also, I noticed in Randy's blog today, he did an "Enhance Document Images for Printing" like you gave instructions for, so I was a bit familiar with it.

Nancy said...

Thanks for the mention. I appreciate it.

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