Thursday, February 18, 2010

GeneaBlogger Games – Days 5 & 6

Here’s the status for days 5 and 6.

Category:  Expand Your Knowledge

Task A - Use Google Maps to map out an ancestral location.  Create a map that you can then embed into a blog post.  This was done in conjunction with 52 Weeks to Better Genealogy Challenge #7.

Category:  Organize Your Research

Task A - Organize at least 20 hard files or ancestral items (books, fabrics, inherited items) into file folders, boxes, envelopes, containers, etc.; archival-quality where appropriate.  As I mentioned in my “opening ceremonies” post, I actually started this a few days ago, converting to the FamilyRoots Organizer system (developed by Mary E. V. Hill).  My new batch of folders arrived today so I got to work.  I still have a large stack of papers to file, but I made progress!

Category:  Write, Write, Write

Task C - Prepare several posts in draft mode and pre-publish them.  I pre-published the rest of my Saturday in the Attic posts for February and my Wordless Wednesday posts for March.



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