Friday, February 26, 2010

GeneaBlogger Games – Days 12-14

Here’s my status for the final days:

I finally opened the boxes of photo sleeves I purchased at the beginning of December (yes I’ve had them for over two months).  I purchased several varieties of sleeves that fit into a standard binder.  The brand I selected is Print File, which I purchased from Adorama.  They are supposedly archival quality, although it does not specify what exactly that means (the packaging states no PVC).  I filled up one three-inch binder, well over 20 photos, so task 3C is complete.

I submitted information to the Footnote page created (via SSDI) for my maternal grandparents.  I also created the Facebook “I Remember” page for each.  Awhile back, I created pages for my dad and his parents.  You can visit the Footnote pages for Harold Miller, Marie (Rottman) Miller, Joseph Cahill, John Cahill and Joan (McMahon) Cahill.



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