Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Photo Confirms 1920 Census Location

If you’ve read any of my recent posts, then you know that I finally started going through the box of photos my aunt gave me earlier this year.

Among them, I found this photo of my great-grandfather, George ROTTMAN and his son Edward.

Why is this significant?  Well it confirms the 1920 census I found for this family.  Why is that important?  The residence seemed out-of-place to me, and here’s why.

Although George was born in Linn County, Iowa, he lived in Chicago as early as 1914 (possible earlier).  When he married Anna E STOFFEL in February of 1914, his residence was listed as Chicago.  In 1915, their first child, Edward, was born, also indicating a residence of Chicago.  In 1918, daughter Margaret was born, again indicating Chicago (as does his WWI draft card in September 1918).  Then when my grandma, Marie, was born in April 1920, again, Chicago was the place of residence.

So it seemed a little odd to find the only plausible 1920 census record indicating that George, Anna, Edward, and Margaret lived in Villa Park (a far west suburb of Chicago).  This was even more intriguing because about four months later, they were back in Chicago.

I didn’t really question the census too much.  It was the only one that had the family makeup I was seeking and everything matched.  I just thought it a little odd.

But this photograph confirms that they lived in Villa Park in 1919, coinciding with the 1920 census (taken in January 1920).

I have no idea why they lived there for that short period of time.  But nonetheless, I have a rare picture of my great-grandfather and granduncle.


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