Sunday, June 14, 2009

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun – 06/13/09

Thought I’d actually participate on a Saturday night. And wouldn’t ya know, Randy’s challenge was something I literally JUST posted a few minutes ago…too funny.

Here is the task for this week:

  1. Think of three things that you learned about Genealogy or Family History today.
  2. Tell us about them in a blog post or a comment to this post.

So the post I just did was about three things I learned about my own family tree.  I thought I’d go ahead and include three general genealogy things I learned/found over the last few days as well.

Chicago Catholic Priests & Parishes – This tool was created by ChicagoGenealogy.com.  Right now, it is not accessible from the Chicago Genealogy site, but the site owner was kind enough to send me a link to the “orphan” page as it pertained to a lookup she did for me.  The tool allows you to search for the “possible parish when all you have is a priest’s name from a marriage license.”

MyGenShare – Site launched delayed until late summer.  You can read more here.

NEHGS Digital Library – I learned how to use the library card catalog to find digital archives available online.


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