Sunday, March 29, 2009

Family Events - Week of March 29 to April 4

Timothy McMAHON - Timothy is my third great-grandfather.  He was born in December 1845 in Tippeary, Ireland.  He died on 29 March 1913 in Chicago, Illinois.

Thomas Michael CAHILL - Thomas is my great-granduncle.  He died on 30 March 1972 in Danville, Vermillion, Illinois (date calculated based on date of obituary).

Richard FOX - Richard is my ninth great-grandfather.  He died on 31 March 1709 in Glastonbury, Hartford, Connecticut.*

John PRICE - John is my seventh great-grandfather.  He died on 31 March 1737 in Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut.*

Mabel Louise ROTTMAN - Mabel is my great-grandaunt.  She died on 1 April 1961.

Robert PARKS & Elizabeth HALL - Robert and Elizabeth are my sixth great-grandparents.  They married on 2 April 1760 in Plainfield, Windham, Connecticut.

Herman Paul LEPPIN - Herman is my great-granduncle.  He died on 3 April 1948 in Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona at the age of 47.

Robert PARKE - Robert is my eleventh great-grandfather.  He died on 3 April 1593 in Gestingthorpe, Essex, England.*

*Based on information from several compiled source, of which I have not personally verified at this time.


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