Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Celebrate Your Name - March 3

It's Celebrate Your Name Week.  So to celebrate, I'm going to do a post for each day's festivities.

Today is Fun Facts Day

Celebrate names today by finding fun facts about names.

According to Behind the Name, Julie is a French form of Julia.  In French, it's pronounced zhoo-LEE, while in English it is pronounced JOO-lee.

"Julie Don't Live Here" is a song by the Electric Light Orchestra.

Ranked #302 on the Social Security Administration list for babies born in 2007.  In the year I was born (1977) it was ranked #58.

Julie/Julia is the feminine form of Julius.

The name Julie appeared in a non-French literary work, Miss Julie, written in 1888 by a Swedish playwright, August Strindberg.

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