Monday, January 26, 2009

Weekly Genealogy Blogging Prompt #4

Prompt:  Take a genealogy day trip and blog about it. Discover the local history and genealogy in your area. Take a trip to a cemetery or other historic location. Describe the day, what you learned, where you went, how it looked, how it sounded. Armchair genealogists will love the mini travelogue.

It's actually quite funny that this topic came up when it did.  I took my first excursion to our local genealogical society's library last Thursday.  Mind you, this is the first genealogical library I've ever been in (remember, I've had records galore in my possession, so this need hadn't arisen, until now).

The "trip" actually started on Tuesday night, when a friend and I went to the society's monthly meeting.  The topic that night was a tour of the library.  Even though my family is not from around the area I currently live in, there is still a wealth of information to be scoured in this library.  So we planned to return later in the week to begin digging.

When we arrived, our sights were set on the DAR lineage books, since we are both applying for membership.  I already had my line mapped out and sourced, but it was neat to see that other women in my family were DAR members.  I found that two of my first cousins four times removed (Julie Ann WEBSTER and Nettie Elizabeth VLIET) and a second cousin four times removed (Isabel Erskine PARKS) were members.  I already knew that my great-granduncle Joseph Webster PARKS was an SAR member.  I guess I'm following in the family's footsteps by joining this wonderful organization myself.

After I transcribed the three DAR membership records, I checked out some of the cemetery books that the genealogical society put together.  It helped me to put together a blog post about a local family buried in Evergreen Cemetery.

It was getting close to closing time, so I wrapped up my research for the day.  We plan to return later this week for more genealogical fun!

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