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Saturday in the Attic - 01/31/09

As I mentioned in last week's Saturday in the Attic, I needed to pull out the family Bible to complete my DAR application.  So, without further ado, here is the family Bible that belonged to my third great-grandmother, Sarah Norton WEBSTER Coffinger Mulligan.

WEBSTER, Sarah Norton WEBSTER Family Bible 008

WEBSTER, Sarah Norton WEBSTER Family Bible 001

Sarah N. Coffinger's Book
A present
From her Father
Calvin P. Webster
Bloomfield. Oakland Co
State of Michigan
The year of our lord
One thousand eight hundred
and fifty - [three]

WEBSTER, Sarah Norton WEBSTER Family Bible 002

--left page--

Abram M Coffinger
died September the 29th
1863 Aged 39 years 7 months
20 days

--right page--

A Family Record of the
Births and deaths of
Calvin P Webster Family

Calvin P Webster Born
February the 10th AD 1802
died May the 185
Betsy his Wife Born
December the 7th AD 1801 
died August the 20 18
Of their children

1st. George P. Webster born
August the 12th AD 1826
died January the 26 1881
2nd. Sarah N. Webster born
September the 14th AD 1828
died August 5-1894
3rd Polly P. Webster born
September the 15th aD 1831
died March 12-1910
4th. Bulah Webster born
December the 24th AD 1833
Bulah Died May 16th 1864
5th Eliza Maria born
May the 26th AD 1840
Died March 9-1891

[Stamp at bottom] S.N. Coffinger

WEBSTER, Sarah Norton WEBSTER Family Bible 003

--left page--

James Manly Garrison +
Sarah Jane Jennie Mulligan
married Jan 23 1893

James Norton Garrison Born
Sept 19th 1895
Joseph Webster Garrison Born
Jan 4th 1898
Emma Jane Garrison Born
Nov 3th 1901
Robert Garrison Born
12th Nov 1904

James Manly Garrison died May 23 1909
He was born in Picton, Canado the 26 of Dec 1861.  He died
May 23-1909 - Chicago, Illinois.

[newspaper pinned to page, reads]
Maggie Mulligan, a twelve year old girl
living at the end of Root street, in the
First ward, died on Saturday afternoon, of
consumption. The funeral was held this
morning fron the Catholic church.

--right page--

Edward Mulligan born April the 8 1867
died June 17-1924
Sarah Jane Mulligan born April the 16 1870
Margrett Elizabeth born August 25 1879
Sarah N Coffinger married to James
Mulligan November the 5th 1865
James Mulligan died September 8th 1879
Margret Elizabeth Mulligan died February the 6 1886

WEBSTER, Sarah Norton WEBSTER Family Bible 004

A Record of Abram
Coffinger and Family

Abram Coffinger
Sarah N. Webster
Married May the 5th AD 1850

Abram M Coffinger born
February the 9th AD 1824
Sarah his wife born
September the 14th AD 1828
Ester Betsy born Fabius St Jo Co Mich
December the 26th AD 1851
Calvin W Coffinger born Fabius St Jo Co
May the 18th AD 1854
Amos Parks Coffinger born Pontiac Oakland Co
August the 30th AD 1856
Died Nov 22 1882
Emma A Coffinger born Floyd Co Iowa
May the 31st 1858
Mary Ellen Coffinger born
July the 18 1861
Died Feb 17th 1916-Chicago, Ill.

WEBSTER, Sarah Norton WEBSTER Family Bible 005

Direct Descent of the James Manly Garrison

I Govenor John Webster of Connecticut
His immediate forebears were as followsL
A.D. 1330, Webster Lockington, Esquire time
of Edward III.  A.D. 1434 John Webster of
Bolsover Esquire twelvth of Henry VI.
John Webster of the time of Henry VIII
(1509-47).  Gobenor John Webster, was
born 1590, in Warwickshire, England, he
died at Hadley, Mass. (1661).
The heraldic description of
his coat of arms is as follows:
Agure, on a bend argent costised or
between two demi-lions rampant service,
a rose gubs seeded and leaved proper corped
reguardant, quarterly per fesse embattled
or and vent, flames issuing from the mouth.

WEBSTER, Sarah Norton WEBSTER Family Bible 006

--left page--

II Lieut. Robert Webster, married Susanna Treat *
III Deacon Jonathan Webster b. 1/9/1657 m. Dorcas Hopkins 5/11/1681
IV Jonathan Webster (3/18/1681-2) m Esther Judd 12/14/1704
V Jonathan Webster ___ 5-17-1705 m. Mable Risbey Feb. 1730
VI Ashbel Webster b. Mar. 12-1732 m. Rachel Price 1753(?)
VII Aaron Webster b. Aug 28-1775 m Sarah Norton 1796(?)
VIII Calvin Price Webster, b. Feb 10-1802 m. Betsy Parks 2/24/1825
IX Sarah Norton Webster b Sept. 14-1828 m. 1st. Abram M Coffinger
2nd. James Mulligan
X Sarah Jane Mulligan, b. Apr. 16-1870 m. Jas. M. Garrison 1/23/1893
XI James Norton Garrison b. Sept. 19-1895 m. Loraine Platt July 1922
XI Joseph Webster Garrison b Jan. 4-1898 Died July 23 1930
XI Emma Jane Garrison b. Nov. 3-1901 m. John McMahon May 1923
XI Robert Garrison b Nov 12-1904 m. Florence Boam Sept 1923
XII Joan Garrison McMahon b Feb 6-1927
XII Florence June McMahon b Nov 3 1929
XII James Manly Garrison II b Feb 22 1936

--right page--

Direct Descent of the James Manly
Garrison Family
After the Norman Conquest, a
follower of William named
Thomas, was placed in charge
of the Royal Parks and made
"Master of the Hunt."  He became
Thomas DeParke.  Among his
descendants are found the names
of my:  Gen. William Parke and
Col. Richard Parke, both
"Companions of the Order of
the Bath". Daniel Parke from
whom is descended the Parke Cuatis
family of Virginia, was on the
staff of the Duke of Marlborough
and carried the news of the battle
of Blenheim to Julian Amms.
Park Family Coat of Arms.
Gre. on a pale or, three Buck's
heads caboched of the first.
Crest--a Talbot's head gre.
pierced in the break with a
pheon or.  Motto--Justrtral
Tennax. Confirmed to thou Parks,
of Wisfirch, in the Isle of Ely by _____
Wm Segan in 1618.

WEBSTER, Sarah Norton WEBSTER Family Bible 007

I. Sir Robert Parke b. 1580; Preston, Lancashire, England.  Married first Martha dau. of Robert Chapin (Chaplain or Chaplin) of Edmundsbury, Eng. married seconly Mrs. Alice Thompson 1644, Roxbury, widow of John Thompson of Preston, Eng.  He was freeman 1640; Representative April 1642; Deputy to General Count, 1641-42.  Settled in Wethersfield, Conn. 1639; removed to New London 1649.  Sir Robert died March 1664, Stonington, Conn. buried in Whitehall Cemetery, Mystic, Conn.

I. Sir Robert Parks b. 1580 m. Martha Chapin d. Mar. 1664
II. Hon Samuel Parks b. ? m. Hannah ?
III. Capt. Robert Parke b. May 8-1676 m. Tamsen Brumley d. 1752
IV. Capt. Joseph Parke b. June 11-1708 m. Sarah Jameson d 1786
V. Capt. Robert Parks b. Dec 4-1737 m. Eliz. Hall d. 1810
VI Capt. Robert Parks b. Feb 12-1776 m. Polly or Mary Smith d. 1863
VII Betsey Parks b. Dec 7-1801 m. Calvin Price Webster d. Aug 30 1856
VIII Sarah Norton Webster b. Sept. 14-1828 m. 1st Abram Coffinger 1850. m. 2nd James Mulligan
IX Sarah Jane Mulligan b. Apr. 16-1870 m. James Manly Garrison Jan 23-1893
X. James Norton Garrison b. Sept. 19-1895 m. Loraine Platt July 1922
X Joseph Webster Garrison b. Jan. 4-1898
X Emma Jane Garrison b. Nov. 3-1891 m. John McMahon
X Robert Parks Garrison b. Nov. 12-1904

This Bible is in my possession, and was transcribed by me on 23 January 2009.

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Genealogy Blogger said...

Wow! Julie what a wonderful treasure your family has preserved and passed on. Thank you for sharing it with us


Anonymous said...

I am a descedent of Ashbel Webster and Rachel Price. So interesting to see those names in your bible. What a treasure! Thank you!

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