Friday, January 2, 2009

New Cousin, Old Friend

Before I left for my trip, I was doing some quick research on my McMahon line.  Aunt Flo wanted to know more about Timothy or Thomas, more specifically, which name was correct.  From what I can tell, he went by both, although I am not sure why.

While I was looking into this, I found out more about my 3rd great-grandmother, Margaret RYAN.  Before marrying into my McMAHON line, she was married to a MURANE.  She had two children, Mary and Margaret "Maggie."

On 29 June 1876, Margaret married Timothy McMAHON in Cook County, Illinois.  Together they had five children:  Timothy J, John Joseph, Nellie, Jerimiah "Jerry, and Elizabeth "Lizzie."  Their son Timothy, is my 2nd great-grandfather.

Back to the MURANE side, Margaret's daughter from that marriage, Mary, married Dennis FRANKLIN on 5 December 1888 in Cook County, Illinois.  As I traced this line further, I made a startling discovery.  I am related to a friend of mine, whom I've known since high school.  We are both 3rd great-grandchildren to Margaret RYAN, but do not share the same 3rd great-grandfather.

I emailed my friend to tell him the news.  He got a kick out of it and told me that he had been dabbling in genealogy and that his aunt had been doing more active research.

I never thought I'd find someone in my tree (other than immediate family) that I could plug information in from my own knowledge bank.  It's kinda weird, but what a fun discovery.  I can't wait to share information with them!

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