Thursday, December 4, 2008

Are They One in the Same?

A week or so ago, during my research, I came across an engagement and wedding announcement, neither of which were what I was searching for.  However, they caught my eye.

"Aunt" Pat, it is assumed, was a close family friend.  We know that she married a Murphy, and later a McNamera.  She was probably around the same age as my grandfather, putting her birth date around 1918.

What I came across, was a Patricia Cahill, who married a James Murphy in 1940.  Could this be our "Aunt" Pat, who would actually be a relative, not a close family friend? 

I have yet to find any other information (it's on my to-do list).  But, I have the photos that were in the newspaper announcements for Patricia Cahill and a photo of "Aunt" Pat taken around the same time.  There are some similarities, but I am certainly no expert.  Could they be the same person?

Photo from the engagement announcement

Photo from the wedding announcement

Photo of "Aunt" Pat

What do you think?

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wendy said...

Julie - she does look quite similar!

Kathy Brady-Blake said...

They look like the same person to me.

On NCIS, they'd just run their facial recognition program and have the answer for you in less than 2 seconds. Too bad you don't have that software. 8-)

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