Saturday, October 18, 2008

Photos in Need of a Home

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If you read my post yesterday, you know that I rescued some orphan photos while out antiquing with my husband.

Here's some of those photos.  Are they yours?  If so, let me know; I'm happy to reunite you with your family photos!


This postcard photo was rescued from the Antique Mall in El Paso, Illinois, by me, on 05 October 2008.

Addressee:  Frank Trapp, Taylorville, Illinois

Postmark:  Colorado Springs, Colorado, 27 Jul 1925

Signed:  Vin

Postcard imprint reads

Mt. Manitou Scenic Incline

At the Summit of the longest and highest incline on the globe.  You cannot afford to come to Colorado and not take this grand trip.

The message reads:

Sure am seeing the sights.  Look in Pike's Peak Saturday, seeing sunset from top & coming down after dark.  Would like to put in a month out here if I could afford it.  Vin

There is no other identifying information.  Oddly enough, this could be one of my Trapps, but I don't know yet...will be looking into...what a find if he's related!

 Orphan 006-A

 Orphan 006-B 


This postcard photo was rescued from the Antique Mall in El Paso, Illinois, by me, on 05 October 2008.

The message reads:

Hello Ida.  We are all well.  The weather is very dry here.  Harry Duncan and Hattie was out to visit us.  We had a big fire in Dayton it burnt one block on Main St.  It started in the Exchange Hotel and burnt to the Bank.  One woman burnt and died Wednesday morning.  Will write you soon, ans soon.  Good by, From Clara

There is no other identifying information, postmark, date, or location.

I got this one simply because of the story.  I did a quick (very quick I might add) to see if I could find out more about this fire.  Oddly enough, the first search result was an article written in September of this year about the "100th anniversary" of the fire.  So based on that info, this postcard was probably written in September 1908.  The end of the article provides more information about the fire and even states the name of the woman who died that was referenced in the postcard.  Pretty interesting!

Orphan 017-A

Orphan 017-B 


Originally posted @ my LiveJournal blog on 5 October 2008.



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