Thursday, October 16, 2008

Feeling the Love

heartyourblog So it looks like someone loves my blog!  Msteri River, who runs the blog Heritage Happens has graciously tagged me.  I'm so appreciative since my blog is fairly new and there are certainly many other well-deserving blogs out there.  It's nice to know that people out there are reading my blog.

The rules associated with this tag are as follows:

  1. Can put the logo on his/her blog
  2. Must link to the person who gave the award
  3. Must nominate 7 other blogs and link to them
  4. Must leave a comment on each of the nominated blogs

This is actually a pretty tough task.  There are many blogs that I keep tabs on in my feeder, and enjoy all of them.  But I must pick 7.  So here we go (I apologize if you've already been tagged, it's so hard to keep track).

So there you have it.  My "I Love Your Blog" list is complete.  Now to post some comments...


Originally posted @ my LiveJournal blog on 14 September 2008.



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