Thursday, October 16, 2008

Family Events - Week of September 22 to September 28

Wilhelm TRAPP & Alvina WACH - Alvina is my second-great-grandaunt.  She and Wilhelm married on 22 September 1894 in Chicago, Cook, Illinois. [1]

Julius DeFAUW & Anna ROTTMAN - Anna is my first cousin twice removed.  She and Julius married on 23 September 1925 in Wilton, Muscatine, Iowa. [2,3]

George J MAZZUCA - George is the first husband of my second cousin twice removed Dorothy TRAPP.  George was born on 24 September 1917. [4]

John William ROTTMAN - John is my first cousin twice removed.  He was born on 25 September 1900. [5]

Mabel Louise ROTTMAN - Mabel is my great-grandaunt, who was born on 28 September 1879. [6]



1.  Cook County, Illinois, marriage license no. 222654 (1894), William TRAPP & Alvina WACH, Cook County Clerk.

2.  Barbara_Rendl, "Ancestry.com Public Member Trees," database, Ancestry.com (http://trees.ancestry.com/pt/ListView.aspx?tid=1533183).

3.  Obituary for Julius DeFAUW, undated clippping, ca. 09 June 1965, from Rock Island Argus; privately held by Julie Marie CAHILL Tarr.

4.  Memorial card for George J MAZZUCA, October 1967; privately held by Julie Marie CAHILL Tarr.

5.  Barbara_Rendl, "Ancestry.com Public Member Trees," database.

6.  Memorial card for Mabel Louise Haase, April 1961; privately held by Julie Marie CAHILL Tarr. 

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