Saturday, October 18, 2008

Commenting, An Essential Part of Blogging

Kathryn over at LOOKING4ANCESTORS posted a challenge to fellow bloggers:

I have a challenge for you for this edition of Fun Friday. Spend some time this week-end reading blogs. First start with your favourite blogs, and then, branch out and read some new blogs.

The challenge is to leave a personal comment on at least ten of the blogs you read.

I usually leave comments when I find some really helpful advice. I want the author to know I appreciate them taking the time to share their advice help others.

I do leave comments when I find something interesting, but don't always.  I should take more time to do this, as people have taken the time to post something that I enjoy reading.

I'm participated in this challenge and plan to make this part of my blog-reading routine.

Here's a list of posts I commented on for the challenge.  Enjoy!

Post Blog
Joseph Must have been Related to Casper! He was a friendly Ghost! From Axer to Ziegler
Research Question I Dream of Genea(logy)
270 Digital Libraries


The Family Bible West in New England
Mr. and Mrs. Moreau of Cleburne, Texas Attala County Memories
Playing Blog Tag: Fives and 10s Genealogy Insider
Was Daniel Boone an Ancestor of Pat Boone? Genea-Musings
Uncle George, Part 3 George Geder
Grape Festival Collection QP Raspberry Road Designs
Meme-Slacker Caves, Does Meme to Avoid Chores Before My Time


Originally posted @ my LiveJournal blog on 16 October 2008.



1 comment:

Kathryn Lake Hogan said...

Greetings Julie,
I like the new look. Thanks for participating in the challenge.

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