Saturday, September 4, 2010

Rottman Letter, Circa June 1940

Over the next several days I will be featuring letters written by my great-grandfather, George Rottman.  The letters were written to his children while he was away from home visiting family in Iowa and Wisconsin in the 1940s.

Although this first letter is not dated, I am pretty sure it was written about June 1940 (he mentions a sale that ends July 3rd; he also mentions an upcoming wedding, which is likely his daughter Marge’s that took place on 22 July 1940).  The letter was written to Marge Rottman, Marie (Rottman) Miller, Ed Rottman, and Harold Miller.  A transcription follows the images.

Lisbon, Ia

Dear Marge[,] Marie & Ed & Harold

Received your letter glad to hear from you.  Well I am getting along O.K.  It will take me 3 or 4 weeks more to do what they want done.  I got the Basement done except build some shelves.  I got to put the water system in yet so they can get sistern water in the basement and cut in a door in the Kitchen Build a porch and shingle a roof about 30 x 10 ft.  I put a celotex ceiling on the Basement today.  Well I was fishing Wednesday afternoon caught 2 small bullheads.  They first wont bite.  You can use worms now.  I was fishing one day last week with night crawlers I caught 1 Bullhead 1 small carp and a fair sized white perch I am going to get some crawlers to-night and go fishing tomorrow there is a lot of them in our yard.  Since the ice went out up to now nobody has caught any fish so Ed can use his own judgement.  for myself Ill take Niffersuck Creek.  I dont know what the fare is out here but there is a train leaves Chi[cago] at around 11:30 P.M. and gets here in time for breakfast 615 A.M  The only train that stops here.  I will be home in time for the wedding.  I want to get a new suit of close.  I seen a dandy suit in the Rapids for $17.50 Ill have to buy a new tire too one of mine went flooie Sunday.  Monkey Ward have them advertized for 5.75 until July 3 so Ill have to put the B on sis.  I only got one leaky spare.  Well you didnt ans my last letter so see if you can find time and tell me some news  I havent written to Mabel for a long time so Ill have to drop her a line.  Clarence and the bunch are back from their fishing trip.  They got a lot of fish, we have some yet.  Well I will close for this time.

Love to all


Transcribed by Julie Marie CAHILL Tarr 24 August 2008.


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