Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Finds – 07/09/10

Weekly column sharing genealogy-related things that I’ve learned or found.

Only one thing this week to share, as I have been super busy since before the holiday (but I won’t bore you with the details).

“The Grandmothers” of Aurora – This article was written by Michael R. Fichtel and appears in the Summer 2010 issue of the Illinois State Genealogical Society Quarterly.  The article is essentially a transcription of a booklet the author found at the Aurora Historical Society entitled Reminiscences Prepared From Written and Verbal Recitals of the Personal Experience of “The Grandmothers” of Aurora in Early Pioneer Life in Illinois Compiled For a Benefit Called “The Grandmother’s Rally, which was published in 1892.  There are nearly 50 biographical sketches, all from Aurora women.  While none of these fabulous women belong to my Aurora families, it was quite an interesting read.  I found the information on pioneer life in Aurora fascinating.  What’s more, many of them women talked about their lives before relocating to Aurora.  From this, you can see what life was like in other places beside Aurora (in fact, some of the places mentioned were where my own ancestors lived at one time).  This booklet is one of those gems where you can learn about Aurora history, pioneer life, and nineteenth century life in the East from the personal experiences of these wonderful “grandmothers.”


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